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1: Where do I find the compressed files?
The compressed files are automatically saved to your iOS photo library. You can easily find them in the album "Recents". The "Recents" album shows your entire collection in the order you added them to your library.

Is it also not displayed in the album "Recents"?
Then the app could not save the file because you did not allow access to "all photos". If you allow the app to access "all photos" as described in question 3 of this FAQ, the file will be saved and you will find it in the album "Recents".

2: The app is crashing. What can I do?
The app works flawlessly if you compress a video/photo that you have recorded on your own device using the original built in iOS camera app. Maybe the photo/video that you tried to compress comes from another source (maybe you have received it via iMessage, Whatsapp etc., or downloaded it from the internet) or it was edited by another app?
Could you please try to record a new video/photo using the built in iOS camera app and try to compress it? We are pretty sure this will work!

Compression of videos that you have recorded yourself with your iPhone/iPad and its camera app works without any problems. It should also work with videos from other cameras, but this cannot be guaranteed 100%. However, we have also successfully tested the compression of videos from e.g. GoPro cameras and drone videos, which could also be compressed without problems.

3: Why do my photos/videos not appear in the app? It doesn't show all photos/videos.
Since iOS 14 users will be asks if an app can access either all or only selected photos/videos.
It seems that you only allow access to selected photos/videos.

Please allow the app to access ALL photos/videos. This might also prevent other problems.

1. Open the iOS settings (grey gear wheel icon on your iOS home screen)
2. Go to: "Privacy" > then: "Photos"
3. You will see a list of apps that access photos/videos. Tap on the name of the app.
4. Allow access to "All photos"
5. Restart the app and it should work well again without any issues


4: Black video after compression?
The app works fine when compressing videos that you have recorded with the camera of your iPhone/iPad and the built-in iOS camera app.

Screen recordings may cause problems in rare cases if they are taken in landscape format. Screen captures in portrait mode should be able to be compressed without any issues. Therefore, please make screen recordings in portrait format.
Regular videos recorded with the device camera can be compressed in both portrait and landscape format without any problems.

In rare cases problems may also occur if a video has been edited before compression (e.g. trimmed/cropped, color/sound adjustment etc.). Our recommendation/solution: Please always compress unedited original videos. Please apply changes only to the compressed video and not to the original one.

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