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Questions about Photo or Video Compressor? Please read the FAQ that will probably anwer your questions right away:

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We require the following precise information to provide you with a solution to your problem (without the following details, providing a solution will be very difficult):

- Name of the app (please specify, as we operate multiple apps):

- iOS version you are using:

- On which device exactly is the problem occurring?:

- What exactly is the problem?:

- Precise step-by-step description of how exactly you proceeded before the problem occurred, so that we can reproduce this:

- If it is an app that edits a photo or video, please provide a precise description of the original file that was to be edited:
-File size
-File type/extension
-For videos, the length of the video
-Frame rate (fps)
-Number of photos/videos that were to be edited at once
-Editing settings
-How was the video/photo created (with the pre-installed standard iOS camera app from Apple, or does it come from another source?

Please be as detailed as possible. Only then can we ensure that we can solve your problem.

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